Star Ingredients – COPPA

West Country Porker Pizza

We make all our food fresh, so we know our ingredients inside and out. We’ve chosen them all specially – each one plays a different role in our menu to make our dishes as delicious as they possibly can be. No laziness around here!

Our menu boasts the best cured meat this side of the continent and it comes from the lovely people at Capreolus Fine Foods in Rampisham, Dorset. They make the most delicious English charcuterie from free-range local meat and we’ve been big fans of their work for years and years.

Coppa or ‘capicola’ is a traditional Italian and Corsican pork cold cut (salume) and is typically made from dry-cured pork neck meat.


It is a whole-muscle salume that has been dry cured and then very thinly sliced. It is quite similar to cured ham or prosciutto –  they are both pork-derived cold cuts and are used in similar dishes or on charcuterie boards.

The Coppa we use at The Stable is ‘Dorset Coppa’ made from pork neck fillet from free-range West Country pigs. It is dry cured with a blend of herbs and spices (including white pepper, juniper, coriander, mace and allspice) and then air dried for many weeks until it has lost almost half its weight! This method not only preserves the meat, but it also concentrates and intensifies the flavours giving the finished product a rounded, full taste.

The Dorset Coppa is so delicious that it has won Gold in the Taste of the West Awards many times over. It’s really no wonder we like using it atop our pizzas and on our menu – we’ve got gold standards for you to pig out on.